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Custom Wallpaper Murals

Hand drawn line art, complemented by my elegant hand lettering and traditional watercolour. Created just for you.

Tiny Giraffe is my art and design studio.

I'm excited to offer you a personalised, collaborative approach to transforming your home or business 

with custom artwork.

Hi, I'm Kylie!

Explorer, sticky chai latte lover, artist and photographer, bringing people together over their love of travel.


I love nothing more than to help you celebrate milestone moments and reminisce about the places you left your heart. Your precious memories and favourite things embodied through beautiful artwork, for daily joy and to inspire new adventures.


It makes me so excited to help home owners, business owners and interior designers - to create stunning,  bespoke matte and metallic murals. 

Best of all, you don't have to lift a finger. I take care of everything from concept to completion.


Tiny Giraffe is based in sunny Brisbane, Australia. Shipping worldwide.

What can I help you with ?

Tiny Giraffe-NYC-Gold on White-4.jpg

For Memorable Gifts

Wallpaper-Mural-Flowers-Tiny-Giraffe-AV Jennings-1.jpg

For Large Scale Transformations

Tiny Giraffe-Bali Pattern-Cushion.jpg

For Beautiful Brands

Sydney Opera House Art Print

Beautifully elegant and contemporary hand drawn line art.


Ready to work together ?


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