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Custom Art that Celebrates the Spirit of Travel

Custom Wallpaper Mural

Hello! I 'm Kylie

I'm an artist and designer, excited to transform your blank walls through

custom wallpaper and fine art.

 Tiny Giraffe is my art and design studio based in Brisbane, Australia.

I work with clients all over the world to create custom wallpaper and fine art prints for commercial spaces and bespoke homes. 

I also help businesses to stand out through artful branding and illustration.


My artworks embody the spirit of travel - the places we leave our hearts, and our dreams for the future. 

Where did you leave your heart? 

Custom Wallpaper and Wallpaper Murals

This is my specialty!


I work 1:1 with clients all over the world to create custom designed wallpaper murals for beautiful, bespoke spaces that tell a story.

I can help you transform your commercial space, retail store or your dream home, creating large scale art that is memorable and leaves a lasting impression. 

Murals make an amazing backdrop for photos/video, welcome people into your space and bring a lot of warmth and joy. Goodbye blank walls and hello to the space of your dreams.

Learn more about my wallpaper murals and see more of my work!

Custom Wallpaper Mural
Tiny Giraffe-Bali Pattern-Cushion.jpg

Pattern Library

Searching for a stunning, ready-made pattern for your products, branding or business?

When I'm not busy creating custom wallpaper, I'm creating beautiful repeat patterns.


Get FREE access to my Pattern Library where you can find the ideal pattern for your next product release or upcoming project!

From modern florals and feminine hand lettering to colourful shapes and watercolour vignettes... you won't find these anywhere else!

Sydney Opera House

Beautifully elegant and contemporary hand drawn line art.


Hi, I'm Kylie!


I'm the artist and founder of Tiny Giraffe.

My art style is a delicate, elegant and modern - I draw line art, complemented by hand painted watercolours and organic hand lettering.

Tiny Giraffe was born from my endless love of travel and everyday adventures, especially the LET'S-GO-NOW variety.


In 2010 I travelled to San Francisco and fell in love, determined to find an art print for my home. 

When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I created my own and the rest is history!

Read more about the story of Tiny Giraffe here.

Kylie Harber-1000x1000.jpg

Excited to work together ?

Email Kylie -

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Thanks for submitting! I will get back to you within 24 hrs.

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