About Kylie

My name is Kylie Harber and I'm the artist behind TINY GIRAFFE.

I'm based in Brisbane, Australia, but with permanently itchy feet I'm always planning the next adventure. Yes, local road trips and long weekend getaways definitely count!

I have 18 years of design and project management experience - previously working as a landscape architect and urban designer, then as a Design Manager running complex, multi-disciplinary projects. Yes, I love plants, and yes, I can help you with what to put where!

One of my biggest corporate projects (while living in Sydney) was the entry statement and feature walls at the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens in Mt Tomah. Have you seen it?? I designed the signage, created the beautiful fern pattern within it, and managed the delivery of the project. It was a life changing experience. I had designed a few public art sculptures and signage by this point in my career, and it was a longheald dream of mine to work for myself - create more and manage less.

You might also find this interesting... but allllll the way back in 2001 (when I finished high school) I was originally accepted into UNSW to study interior design! So I think it's a really beautiful thing to have come full circle back to creating art and designing interior spaces. 


If you haven't guessed already, I LOVE colour and have a strong eye for detail. This is reflected in every artwork. Sometimes the colour palette is soft, sometimes cool and bright. Combined with my distinctive line art, you'll know that your Tiny Giraffe artwork came from me :)


I started drawing line art in 2010, when I got home from a magical holiday and couldn't find the perfect art print for my own wall of the city I left my heart in - San Francisco!! What a stunning city!


I wasn't that good with acrylic paint so I didn't dare pull out the brushes... but I had been creating maps, diagrams, and all sorts of digital graphics for a long time in my day job. So I opened up Adobe Illustrator and started creating a hand drawn map. And that started my 'I left my heart' collection.

I've since pulled out the brushes and it turns out I have much more talent with watercolour! And it brings me so much joy! I am now creating both traditional and digital pieces, and merging them together. I just adore this mixed media approach. 


I am a multi-passionate creative, known for my love of all things art, design, writing and photography. At home, you'll find me practicing yoga, writing poetry and stories, reading, gardening, hunting down a loose leaf chai latte in the city or escaping to the beach or bush.


When I'm not at home, I'm travelling and photographing the world around me, delighting in good food, music, new cultures, plants, flowers and all the best things in life.


About Mr G

Mr G is my sidekick and business partner. He sits with me late in th