Kylie Harber is the artist behind TINY GIRAFFE.

Based in Brisbane, Australia but with permanently itchy feet - you just never know where she'll be!

With 16 years of experience as a landscape architect and urban designer, Kylie is excited to offer her creativity and project management skills to launch her own art studio, TINY GIRAFFE.  


Kylie's contemporary style and love of colour is reflected in every artwork. She is currently dabbling in watercolour to complement her line art for mixed media artworks.

Kylie is a multi-passionate creative, known for her love of all things art, design, writing and photography. At home, you'll find her practicing yoga, writing stories, exploring the city, escaping to the beach or hunting down a loose leaf chai latte.


When she's not at home, she's travelling and photographing the world around her.



TINY GIRAFFE presents beautifully elegant and contemporary hand-drawn line art. The creative pieces make for the perfect artwork, murals and wallpapers. Incorporating fine details and exciting touches such as gold foil, our pieces can be found in our online shop. Commissions are most welcome via email or phone.

Kylie works with clients in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and has started to work with brands in the United States.

Each TINY GIRAFFE artwork may be bespoke, but they share the qualities of being incredibly intricate, detailed and crisp in Kylie's distinctive line art style.