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Who is Mr G?

I first saw him at the airport.

The Hong Kong international airport, actually. My husband (then-boyfriend) and I were sitting in a restaurant, enjoying the end of our wonderful Europe holiday before the flight home. We decided to celebrate those last sweet moments of freedom by ordering a few drinks.

I can’t remember what drink I ordered (likely a cocktail). But I saw him – this adorable tiny giraffe – swimming in my drink, and immediately decided he should come home with me. I carefully bundled him up (he’s very fragile) and stowed him away.

We named him Mr G.

Back home in Brisbane, Mr G became quite the character. His huge personality filled our home and he whispered all sorts of stories to me. The tiny giraffe sat on the bench in our kitchen while I cooked, and told me about his colourful days serving cocktails at that bar, and all his previous jobs. He always wanted to live in Australia and had hoped to hitch a ride with us. He fulfilled his dreams of having his own cactus garden (which also moved onto the kitchen bench).

He’s tall (for his size) with long legs. He's canary yellow in colour, has pointy ears and a sweet face.

But he’s no ordinary giraffe. He’s a business owner and entrepreneur. When it came time to choose a business name for my small art business, I couldn't go past Tiny Giraffe. He inspires my designs and sits patiently by my side while I work away into the night, with the music always on (he prefers jazz and lounge, I prefer punk rock). He’s as savvy as they come and thank goodness for that, because I’m new to all of this.

We recently moved to Sydney and I was terrified Mr G wouldn't make the trip. I packed him a tiny box with other precious, delicate items. He made it in one piece and is loving his new home. We haven't cooked much together yet - we have been busy working on our New York City print for everyone. You will probably see a pic of him with the Harbour Bridge soon.

Leave him a comment, or ask him a question… he’d love to hear from you :)


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