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{i left my heart} in New York City

"I love New York, even though it isn't mine, the way something has to be, a tree or a street or a house, something, anyway, that belongs to me because I belong to it."

I declare, I BELONG to New York City.

Like so many other people all over the world, New York City resonates with me on sooo many levels. It’s a magical, wonderful, crazy city that has completely captured my heart.

And I’ve never even been to New York.

Sad, but true.

Hear me out... I’ve dreamt of being in New York City.

I’ve dreamt of wandering the tree lined, rowhouse filled streets, my high heels clicking on the pavement like Carrie from Sex and the City (although, let's be honest - I get sore feet and have dodgy knees, so it will be ballet flats at the very cutest).

I’ve imagined the queue to get in the door to Magnolia’s bakery. I’ve wondered how many cupcakes I can leave with, without experiencing FOMO or appearing greedy - and would I eat them all at once or try to space it out over a day or two? I’ve imagined ice-skating in Central Park, followed by hot chocolates in a cosy café with my lovely husband. As a lover of writing and books, I've dreamt of a whole afternoon whiling away at the NY Public Library, sitting on those grand front steps and watching the world go by.

I’ve (often) fantasised about a white Christmas (a completely foreign concept to most Australians), sitting in a big bay window of a modern loft apartment, wrapped in a big blanket, sipping tea, watching the snow fall and listening to classic carols (I am nothing if not detailed). I’ve thought about which cocktail I might order, should I be so lucky as to sit in The Campbell Apartment, the secret bar hidden within Grand Central Station.

So despite the fact I’ve never been there, why is it one of my favourite cities in the world? And why does it resonate with so many others?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I think all the best places make you feel alive.

Nothing makes you feel more alive than a city that never sleeps and provides unlimited options and experiences. For me, feeling alive also comes from connecting to nature.

Oh, I hear you ask. Where is all the nature in that concrete jungle of a city?

Well, to start - there's the WHOLE of beautiful Central Park, a glorious 843 acres of landscape heaven. Don't forget the squirrels you spot in Madison Square Park. The wildflowers growing along the high line. The rush of water and canopy of leaves floating above you in Paley Park. Nature is evident in the local farmers markets, and the fresh produce you taste in locally made icecreams or amazing restaurants.

Perhaps more importantly, I feel most alive in places that allow me to be whoever I want to be. In New York City, anything feels possible. Cities that allow us to pursue our passions and dreams, try new things, taste new foods and experience other cultures are PRICELESS. New York City is a melting pot of the world, and it’s highly addictive, as vouched for here by my friend Hazel in New Zealand, an amazing woman who crafts amazing stories and drinks enough good wine to put NZ on the map. And also confirmed by Phoebe, my inspiring travel blogging friend who has seen more places than I’ll ever dream of.

I’m not ashamed that our NYC print made the first collection of {I left my heart}, despite never visiting there. I know that when I finally get there, I’m going to love it too. For whatever reason it makes me feel alive and whatever person it allows me to be.

What are the places that make you feel alive? What are the cities you love most? Mr G and I would love to know.


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