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Why your business is unique (and you should start today!)

I’ve been trying to think of a blog post all week.

Actually, all of the past month. Woops. Where did the time go?

Since I’m a newbie blogger, I figure no one will miss me if I don’t keep to my self-imposed weekly blog schedule. Besides, here at TG we’re about quality over quantity, always. We want our blog to be a useful, much loved, wanderlust filled, make-a-tea-and-settle-in place for you to find inspiration and realise your own aha! moments.

I tried SO HARD to write the blog post.

I got home from work at a reasonable time, cooked up something reasonably healthy (so that I could enjoy something deliciously unhealthy afterwards), hopped into my PJs and settled onto the couch with the laptop. But the words wouldn’t come. I looked back over all my ideas for future blog posts but nothing inspiring jumped out at me.

So, instead of writing (and instead of procrastinating – shock horror!) I got to work.

With Mr G by my side, we completely overhauled the home page. I’m so much happier with the branding, the colours, the style, the layout, the balance of white space, the pretty instagram plug-in, the EVERYTHING. There are always more things to tweak but it’s getting there. It’s no longer a constant twitch in my brain, screaming for my attention every week. Now when I look at Mr G on my bedside table (yes, he has moved from the kitchen recently), I don’t feel that gnawing guilt that I’m letting him down.

After I finished the website, I logged into facebook (always dangerous territory for time wasting and brain cell loss). I picked up where I left off in one of my private groups (Blog Society – seriously, the support is amazing and Jaclyn is the most wonderful host) and noticed all of these amazing women posting updates and links to their latest blog posts. I felt I had nothing to contribute. Of course I posted a link to my newly updated website because I was super proud of my new layout design, but deep down something was bothering me. Everything suddenly felt too hard, took up too much time and demanded too much of me on top of my full time job.

My consistently supportive, lovely friend Hazel had just the right words to say when I hit her up a few minutes later on Facebook Messenger, declaring that I was ready to give up on my small business dream. She said, “I’ve had way too much wine. Let’s reconvene.”

This small comment made me smile and remind myself it was a Friday night. I deserved wine too.

A little while later she announced she was home. After a long discussion about the possible effects of Mercury and Mars in Retrograde (I believe in this stuff, so it’s entirely possible my lack of enthusiasm is due to cosmic reasons - I haven’t done enough reading on the topic), my friend reminded me to be kind to myself and cut myself some slack. I told her that I would try. I promised her I wouldn't waste my weekend on social media, I would have fun and do as she suggests – reevaluate everything on Monday. (And I did).

AND THAT'S WHEN THE BLOG POST CAME!! Shiny and fresh. You know that exciting moment?

A message to myself, as much as anyone reading that needs it…

Just do what you can.

Always. That's all I can do. And you too. Just do the best you can, with what you’ve been given, with the time you’ve got.

Mr G is much better at giving advice than me. But here's where I'm going with this:

I won’t (and no longer want to) compare my life to anyone else’s. Neither should you.

I won't compare my family, my clothes, my body size, my friends. Neither should you.

And I won't compare my business. My business is a self expression of me and my desires. It's special to me, and only I can present it to the world in a way that is uniquely me. And YOUR business is important too, for exactly the same reason. Don't give up, no matter how hard or time consuming it seems. Just keep taking one small step at a time. Don't start tomorrow for fear of not being original or knowledgable, just start!

We can’t compare with what anyone else has done, or predict what they might do, convince ourselves that someone else does it better, or has it easier, or worry what other’s opinions might be of us. We can’t be anyone else. We can only be our authentic selves and give this life the best that we’ve got. And even then, we can’t kid ourselves that we can continue to do this all the time. That takes a huge amount of energy, and we’re not superhuman. We’re regular humans. We need rest, nourishment, support and time to reflect.

So, no matter what you’re going through right now…

If you’ve been dumped in a crazy project at work.

If you’ve had your heart broken.

Or broken someone else’s.

If you missed a self-imposed deadline.

Or you can’t quite lose that last 5kgs.

Perhaps your family complained about something trivial.

And your little boy left the house in a dismal mess this morning…

Work hard and ask questions.

Open your heart again.

Send love and gratitude out to the person you left behind.

Set a new date.

Write down a better goal (health over weight, always).

Ignore the complainers.

Embrace a different level of clean.

Do the best you can

with what you’ve been given

with the time you’ve got.

I know you can do it.


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