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Eucalyptus Wallpaper - Perfect for Aussie Homes

This week over on instagram I celebrated National Eucalypt Day, on the 23rd May! The 'Eucalypt of the Year' for 2022 is the beautiful Mountain Ash. You may have seen me painting a watercolour drawing of gum leaves and gum nuts in instagram stories :)

So in celebration, I have a special offer for you - a discounted rate on my Eucalyptus wallpaper! This offer is valid for one week only (until end of March). Scroll on down to have a peek! Isn't she beautiful?

But first, a little story about why I love Eucalypts so much - you could say this wallpaper design was 36 years in the making!!

Let me tell you how it came to life...

Eucalyptus trees are a symbol of home for me.

From my time at my longest home.

Perhaps you're the same as me...

Are there many places that you call 'home'?

If you're anything like me, you've left your heart all over the world. (This is why I titled my first collection of art prints "I left my heart".) We form strong connections to places because of the landscape, weather, plants and animals, the local people, the bars and restaurants and local businesses where precious memories are made. There are endless reasons to call a place 'home', and I love that I feel attached to so many beautiful places. Home is where we retreat to, to feel safe, to take refuge, to be relaxed and rejuvenated. To get into comfy clothes and indulge in our favourite hobbies. A place where we leave our most precious belongings and bring home new treasures. A place to proudly display all the things that are an expression of us and our experiences.

Homes are where the people, pets and plants we love are. Homes are the buildings we live in. Homes are the tents we pitch or the airbnbs we rent. Or they can be the places we visit where our soul simply felt happy for a brief time.

This picture above is me at my first 'home'.

My parents built this home and moved in when I was a one year old, just a baby.

It was a modest, low-set brick home in regional Queensland - just outside the small city of Toowoomba. I grew up on acreage - exploring the bush, climbing trees and building forts in them, floating things down the creek, throwing rocks in the dam, having unique pets (a goat, many turtles), sleeping outside in the cubby, watching the stars on cold winter nights, riding bikes, pinching flowers from neighbour's yards (and selling them back at a profit haha!), and riding go karts down the hill. Many scrapes and bruises and a tonne of fun. The property was around 2.5 acres in size and filled with trees (especially Eucalyptus crebra) overlooking a valley. I have such fond memories of how the gum trees twinkled after the rain. It was magical!

Enjoy this rainy video featuring tall Eucs in Tassie, at Cradle Mountain Hotel from our holiday last year! Heaven!

I love the scent of Eucalyptus on the breeze. Scent is so powerful - to this day, Eucalyptus citriodora reminds me of a holiday I went on when I was little - I must have been about 5, and I don't remember much except the smell of those trees dotted around the caravan park. Now, when I walk around the Murarrie Recreation Reserve some mornings, I can smell that lemony scent on the breeze and be immediately swept back to that holiday.

I lived in this beautiful Toowoomba home until the adventurous age of 18 when I left for university in Brisbane. In my late teens and 20's I started to learn more Eucalpytus species (did you know there are over 800 varieties in Australia?) as I studied my Landscape Architecture degree. I just love them.

I visited my old home many times in my 20's and 30's, viewing mum and dad's house like a retreat that miraculously somehow always came with home cooked pork roast and red wine in front of the fireplace (in winter anyway!). Heaven!

The photo of me on the swing is only from a few years ago - it is me as an adult, saying a tearful goodbye to the property again, when my parents sold it... enjoying my last high flying swing under the Eucs. So it makes perfect sense that at the age of 36, I designed my very first wallpaper design and it featured Eucalyptus leaves and gum nuts. When I started Tiny Giraffe, I had no intention of making wallpaper. I began by selling my fine art prints at Sydney's Paddington Markets, passionate about making art for other people's walls with the same artwork that adorned mine.

When a client reached out to me a year later, asking for a mural that was 7m in length, I realised I wasn't yet skilled enough to paint it. So I installed my artwork on wallpaper. Learning about wallpaper and finding an incredible wallpaper printer, I am confident enough now to creating my own range of wallpaper featuring beautiful Australian flora.

Eucalyptus is the first design, and to see it installed in the beautiful Oak and Orange Dream Home 6 was a very special moment.

And it's been installed in other homes since, including a friend who lives in Los Angeles! I'm dying to get some photos to share - it looks incredible! She installed it in her baby's nursery, where she can look out the window and see her native Aussie plants growing in their garden :)

I'm so proud of this repeat pattern artwork and how it looks in every home, no matter the room - peaceful, tranquil, elegant - just like the tree itself. The organic shapes and crisp line art catch the eyes and compliments other beautiful homewares in the space.

"Such an elegant take on Australian flora - gorgeous!"

- Tahn Interiors

My girlcrush, Tahn Scoon of Tahn Interiors, left this comment on my instagram post and I am thrilled!! Her interior design and styling skills are next level. This is a huge compliment that absolutely made my week.

If you'd like your very own Eucalyptus wallpaper, I'm offering a discounted rate until the 1st April. Currently retailing at $89/m2, you'll be in for a lovely surprise on this premium, sustainably sourced, paste-the-wall wallpaper.

Email me, Kylie, to enquire about wallpaper for your home or office:


And view the wallpaper here:


Wishing you peaceful week ahead in your own home.

Please let me know where 'home' is for you in the comments!

Kylie + Mr G x

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