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Eucalyptus Wallpaper for Oak & Orange

Updated: May 9, 2023

Who are Oak & Orange?

Heather and Sarah are talented interior designers and builder's wives from Sydney. When I stumbled across their instagram in 2020, I was delighted! They were in the process of finalising their Dream Home 5 and I just loved their minimalist, elegant style.

I reached out to them to ask if they would be interested in featuring a wallpaper design by Tiny Giraffe. They were keen to work with me and we worked together closely to create the Eucalyptus wallpaper for Dream Home 6.

Eucalyptus Wallpaper

Set in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, Dream Home 6 is the ultimate cosy country cottage. When developing concepts for Oak & Orange, I took design inspiration from the Eucalyptus trees from this region and transformed images of the leaves and gumnuts into my signature line art style.

Eucalyptus is my first repeating wallpaper design and I hope to make it my signature piece in a future wallpaper range. To see it installed in the beautiful Oak and Orange Dream Home 6 was a very special moment. Heather and Sarah have styled this room to peaceful perfection - a neutral, calming colour palette.

I'm so proud of this repeat pattern artwork and how it looks in every home, no matter the room - peaceful, tranquil, elegant - just like the tree itself. The organic shapes and crisp line art catch the eye and complement other beautiful homewares in the space.

Australian Wallpaper Designer

"Such an elegant take on Australian flora - gorgeous!"

- Tahn Interiors

Tahn Scoon of Tahn Interiors left this kind comment on my instagram post introducing the wallpaper design and I am thrilled to see it received so positively.

Email me to enquire about customising the Eucalyptus wallpaper for your home or office:

You can view the wallpaper here:


Kylie + Mr G x

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