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How to Use Surface Pattern Design in Your Business

Updated: May 20

Here are some fun retro patterns I created last week!

I’m putting the finishing touches on the 'Stripes' pattern, and I've aptly named the collection ‘Endless Summer’…

As a product based business owner, can you imagine one of these beautiful patterns on your product?

Or perhaps you run a service based business, but you like to thank your clients with a gift at the end of your project... you could purchase a pattern that makes *THE* perfect wrapping paper to suit your brand. Send it off to your preferred printer and you're on your way.

These patterns will soon be available in my pattern library, on the Tiny Giraffe website.

If you’d like to know when my pattern library opens - drop me an email hello@tinygiraffe.co with 'PATTERN' in the subject header (or sign up to my mailing list!) and I’ll be in touch to put your details on the waitlist 💛🙏🏼

Why purchase a pattern?

Have you ever noticed how many things in the world have a pattern on them? Once you start looking you’ll be amazed at how many there are... everywhere! Paper towel, sheets, journals, rugs, cushions, stationery, nappies, towels - they nearly always feature a beautiful pattern.

And the process of creating these patterns has a name - 'surface pattern design'!

It’s a fascinating industry where designers and artists can sell (or ‘license’) their patterns (often referred to as ‘prints’) for use on textiles and products.

I’ve been learning the ins and outs over the last 18 months! I took a 6 week course on surface pattern design. When I took the course, I already knew how to make patterns in Adobe Illustrator ( that’s how I create my wallpaper!). But I also learnt how to make them in Adobe Photoshop, how best to curate a collection, find my own style (that one was the easiest - line art is my thing!), attract clients, work with product based businesses and so much more!

I’m very excited to soon be offering my artwork in pattern form, for you to purchase! Each pattern is unique and never to be repeated, so you can relax knowing your brand is getting access to a one-off, hand drawn, artisan outcome that no one else will have. This is what makes your brand stand out from the rest.

Oh, and don't forget the kudos you'll get for telling your customers you support artists and designers!

Patterns are perfect for...

✨Business branding - incorporate memorable graphics for your brand for consistency beyond a logo - business cards, Facebook banners, brochures, reports, newsletter headers etc.

✨Product based businesses selling physical items - bags, umbrellas, dresses, stationery, napkins, packaging, towels, you name it :)

✨Interiors - soft furnishings like cushions, wallpaper, and curtains.

✨Landscape Architecture and Garden Design - for signage, screening, furniture, concrete walls / footpaths. A little secret - most surface designers don't know how to offer this, but my background is in landscape architecture, so together we can make MAGIC with laser cut steel, sandblasting or heat stamped asphalt.

✨Individuals and creatives who love having something unique of their own for digital fabric printing or crafting activities (hello to all the talented seamstresses out there!).

Custom Pattern Design

Why wait for my pattern library to launch?!

You could have your very own custom made pattern - we will work together on the theme, colours and aesthetic for what you have in mind.

And if you have a product, but you're unsure what would look good on it - send me an email with a few sentences about you, your business and your product, and let me create some concepts for you: hello@tinygiraffe.co

I believe custom art really is the definition of luxury, freedom and impact 😀

I look forward to helping your business stand out!

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