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Are you an aspiring artist or designer, looking for guidance on how to start making money from your creativity, ideas or hobbies?​ Are you a creative person wanting to make the leap from the corporate world into entrepreneurship? Are you wanting to learn how to make digital art?


​I offer one-on-one mentoring sessions via Zoom, so you can receive timely, tailored advice to your situation (no matter where you are in the world).


You can also use our session to learn how to create digital art like me (please make sure to download Adobe Illustrator software for your computer and/or Adobe Fresco for your ipad) in preparation for our session together. 


You can pick my brain and ask ALL the silly questions (honestly, there are no silly questions!). You'll gain honest, thoughtful feedback about your ideas and we'll discuss how to bring them to life in a way that rewards you soulfully, as well as financially. If you don't have any ideas, don't worry - we'll uncover some together!


The most important part - I'll help you to unlock your confidence and take action (I am very passionate about this as it's the one thing I struggled with most when I started!). We'll hone in on your strengths, work around your weaknesses and find the best path forward for you.​


Once you have purchased, I will send you a link to book a time for our session together, as well as a form for you to fill out. This form is important - I want to get to know you and where you're at, and what you need help with most. I read this ahead of our time together so I can prepare. 


If you are unsure if this session is right for you, please don't hesitate to email me: with any questions.


Session Inclusions:

  • Artist Form for you to fill out
  • One hour together (online over Zoom)
  • I get to know you and your dream lifestyle/business
  • Assessment of your current situation
  • Discussion around your goals
  • Advice and support in taking action
  • Recording of the Zoom session for you to keep.
  • Follow up email with any contacts or resources as discussed in our session. 


Ask Me About:

  • Industry insights and knowledge
  • Mindset for entrepreneurship / art creation
  • Starting a side hustle
  • Selling artwork 
  • Building a portfolio
  • Starting a business that suits your lifestyle
  • Getting (and keeping) clients
  • Project delivery from start to finish
  • Project management of multiple projects
  • Running a business
  • Professional contacts and expertise for any part of your business
  • Passive income opportunities.


This is your opportunity to ask an expert about all things art, design, manufacturing and installation. My background is in landscape architecture and urban design. I have a wealth of knowledge across the design and construction industry.


What You Receive:

This session will give you clarity and confidence on your creative journey, and help you to take the next steps. Following the session, I'll send you an email with a link to our session so you can watch/listen to it whenever you need. You'll also receive any links or resources to things we discussed in our session.


Ongoing Support

Once we've had an initial session together, you have the opportunity to purchase a package of sessions with me at a discounted price to help you keep the momentum going! You are still welcome to purchase a single mentoring session any time you need.


Why Work With Me 

I started Tiny Giraffe as a side hustle in 2016, and I've been successfully working full time in Tiny Giraffe since 2021. I've made a living from my art, and I've worked with both Australian and international clients. I have 20 years of art, design, project management and client experience behind me.


Personally - I am intuitive, kind, gentle, passionate and inspired. I've been EXACTLY where you are... I've done all the hard work and I know what it takes to achieve your dreams! I paid a small fortune in business coaching over the years - some of it wonderful, some of it awful. I will save you from the heartache I experienced of looking for answers with no clear direction.


I look forward to meeting you and helping you, so you can take action towards the life of your dreams. I still have to pinch myself that I get to live a life I created that is perfect for me, and I want the same for you.


Let's get started!




Art Mentoring (1 hour)

  • Kylie Harber is the artist and founder behind Tiny Giraffe Art and Design Studio.

    Kylie has 20 years of professional multi-disciplinary experience, working on local and international projects across art, design, landscape architecture and photography.

    In 2010, Kylie began creating artworks she loved for her own walls. In 2016, she launched Tiny Giraffe as a passion project, selling art to family, friends and local Sydneysiders at the Paddington and Balmain markets. In 2021, Kylie went full time into her business, bringing her art and creativity to the interior and architecture industry.

    She gets to create full time in her 'dream job' and wants to inspire others to follow their dreams.



My name is Kylie and I leave my heart in all the cities and places I travel to.

So I draw them, print them and hang them on my wall, to remember the best moments of my life.

I have permanently itchy feet. If you experience this too, you know how important it is to always be planning the next adventure!


My very first overseas trip was to Thailand, Burma and Laos in 2005, at the age of 21. Then a 5 week trip to Europe in 2007.

In 2010, I travelled to the USA for the first time. I spent a week in San Francisco and felt like my soul was 'home'. When I returned home to Brisbane, I started hunting for the perfect art print of the city I missed so desperately. I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I decided to create my own.


It took me around 25-30 hours to draw all the streets. I carefully traced screenshots of google maps in Adobe Illustrator, playing with line weights, colours and positioning of the text. I printed it on fine art paper in vibrant yellow (the colour I associated with San Fran), and had it professionally framed. 


I haven't stopped drawing line art ever since!

I also draw places I dream of going, and I am grateful for the commissions I am engaged for, to draw the places YOU left your heart.