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Brisbane Mural Artist

Custom Wallpaper Murals

Hello! My name is Kylie and I am an Australian artist and designer.

I help business owners, interior designers, architects and discerning home owners to create incredible, beautiful space through custom designed wallpaper murals.

My wallpaper murals are a high touch service - from idea to installation, done for you. We start with a briefing meeting which leads to the creation of an artwork that is drawn or painted by hand before being printed on stunning, premium wallpaper and installed with expert care.


My artworks are tailored to the client and the space, capturing favourite themes and colours to tie in seamlessly with surrounding interiors.


Are you ready to create magic together?

Click below to enquire.

Murals for Businesses

It takes just 3 seconds to make an impression with your business! 

From the minute your clients and customers see your shop front window, to their first impression of the entry/reception space, to the boardroom where you hold your meetings or the treatment room where they are awaiting a blissful massage... all of the spaces that your customers see are leaving an impression.

Similar to your website and branding, your business is reflected by it's physical presentation... clients and customers make split second decisions (over and over) about whether to trust your business based on the quality and design of your fit-out. First impressions are everything!

Your staff are also influenced by the environment in which they spend every day. Value your staff by providing them an inspiring and joyful setting so they want to be in the office and do their best work.

Murals are perfect for:

  • Reception / Entry areas

  • Retail stores

  • Boardrooms / Meeting Rooms

  • Breakout Areas 

  • Salons and Beauty Clinics

  • Health and Wellness Clinics

  • Treatment Rooms.

This is your opportunity to impress your clients and bring out the best in people through the space you curate for them.

Murals for Homes

How you feel in your space is so important! Make your home a sanctuary in 2024.


My custom wallpaper murals make the biggest visual and emotional impact to your home - the 'wow' factor and ambiance you've been looking for. They are the perfect solution for a large blank wall, such as:


  • Hallways and entryways

  • Kids Rooms

  • Home Offices

  • Creative Studios

  • Bedroom Feature Walls

  • Living Room Feature Walls

  • Powder Rooms.

Many of my clients like to make a statement with a mural at their entry foyer/hallway or living room, where guests are sure to see it and admire it.


In kids rooms, my artwork style will ensure that your mural is joyful, colourful and elegant. Not just fun and interactive for the kids, but a stylish aesthetic that you are delighted to see when their door is left open!


If you work from home, a custom mural will make your home office a place you can't wait to spend time in every day. This is especially useful if you run your business from home and consult online -  your wallpaper mural can express the personality of you and your business in zoom calls. 

Custom Wallpaper Mural Australian Plants

Sustainable Wallpaper 

I ship my wallpaper murals worldwide, so I work closely with selected Australian, UK and USA wallpaper printers, chosen for quality and sustainability. I always work with non-woven, paste-the-wall wallpapers that are commercial grade and fire rated.


My Australian printers have sourced durable wallpaper made from 30% recycled materials, 70% renewable cellulose fibres and can be recycled. It is free of lead, heavy-metals, PVC and ozone depleting chemicals.

My line art is hand drawn on the iPad and in Adobe Illustrator. My watercolours are hand painted, scanned in high resolution and merged with the digital lines. The artwork is issued to you as a PDF prior to printing, and the artwork is both designed and printed to the exact size of your wall/s. This means no stretched images (poor resolution or visible pixelation), minimal waste, and no toxic fumes.

Design Process

With my digital artwork creations, you will know EXACTLY what your mural will look like, before it's installed. I offer you the opportunity to be involved in the creative process as much or as little as you like. You also get the chance to review and tweak design elements such as colour and scale.


I prepare 2-3 concept designs for you to choose from, and mockup images of your space with the artwork shown, indicating precisely how it will look once installed.


Custom artworks that I create exclusive to your business can be printed again should your business move to a new premises, or to install across multiple locations, providing you value for money and efficiency.

Custom Wallpaper Beauty Salon
Custom Wallpaper Beauty Salon
Custom Wallpaper Beauty Clinic

Wallpaper Finishes

Many of my clients who fall in love with my gold foil fine art prints and have requested metallic wallpaper.  


I have worked tirelessly with printing suppliers to achieve metallic murals in gold, silver and bronze. I have samples ready to show you!

Printed in the US, using state-of-the-art printing technology, they are a high end, bespoke finish that will impress everyone who sees it. Metallic wallpaper reflects light and brings luxurious elegance into your space.

As far as I am aware, I am the only wallpaper designer in Australia offering custom designed metallic wallpaper murals! Stand out and become one of the first to have this special finish in your home or office.

I also work with frosted film, so if you have glass windows or doors that would benefit from screening and privacy, I can help with that too.


Please note that my pricing (and my quotes) are all inclusive and end-to-end service. That includes briefing meeting, concept designs, artwork creation, premium wallpaper printing, and installation by an expert wallpaper installer. I guide you through the entire process, arranging everything for you from idea to installation. It typically takes 6-8 weeks from start to finish, and it is definitely worth the wait!


Your stunning, one-of-a-kind wallpaper mural starts from $4,500 for a standard wall (up to 4m wide x 2.4m high) and you can expect to pay around $1000 per lm of wall width. Pricing increases depending on number of walls, wall sizes, the complexity of the artwork and type of wallpaper (ie. matte or metallic).

The tallest wall I can work with is two storeys (6m maximum) and this requires scaffolding for installation. 

A wallpaper mural using an existing artwork (with no amendments) will be more affordable. Please view my existing artworks in the Tiny Giraffe Art Library (these can be modified in colours/scale).


My quotes are tailored to you and your space. I can offer significant economies of scale when you engage me for multiple walls using the same artwork (ie. Apartment towers with a mural on each floor or hotel rooms).

If you are based outside of Australia, my quote will only include printing and shipping. You will need to source your own wallpaper installer - don't worry, wallpaper hanging instructions will be provided!

Start Your Custom Wallpaper Project

Let's create a magical space together! I can't wait for you to experience the joy, warmth and transformation that a custom wallpaper mural brings. 

I can't wait to hear about much your kids love their new rooms! I can't wait to hear that your clients fell off their chairs when they walked into your boardroom or the instant calm and peace they felt in your clinic waiting room.

When you choose me as your artist and designer, it's important that you love my style and my personality - so you get the very best result possible. It's important to me that you feel comfortable to ask any questions you like, can open up to me about your dreams for the space and experience maximum amount of joy in the process. I try to make it as simple and easy as can be, with as much or little input as you like.

In order for me to provide you with a quote, please send through an email enquiry with all the information you can think of (wall dimensions, ideas, colours, themes, budget) so we can arrange a time to meet in person (or over zoom) to discuss your wallpaper mural in greater detail. 

Custom Wallpaper Brisbane Office

Woohoo! Thank you, it looks amazing! I can't stop people from walking in and looking for the location of their home on the wall. My office is the talk of the building.

George Antoniou, Director
Boutique Residential Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia

Custom Wallpaper Sydney
Custom Wallpaper featuring Sydney Mural
Sydney Mural Artist
Custom Wallpaper of Brisbane Mural

Invest in your space for a life well lived

We spend so much time at home (even more now thanks to a global pandemic!) and up to 35% of our lifetime at work over the course of our lives (approximately 90,000 hours!).


We are mentally, emotionally and physically impacted by our immediate environment every single day. That's why our spaces matter. 

Invest in a high quality mural that makes your space more meaningful, memorable and brings joy to every day. 

Other Ways I Can Help You

I'm a multi-passionate artist and designer with 20 years of experience. See what else I can do for you.

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