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Botanical Wallpapers

Tiny Giraffe

Transform your space with uniquely Australian pre-designed and custom designed wallpaper, created by passionate artist with 19 years of experience. 

In between client work, I'm slowly crafting a collection of hand drawn wallpapers in my unique line art style, featuring beautiful Australian native plants. Perfect for home, office, hotel, beauty salon, yoga studio or any beautiful space you are curating.

These designs are printed on high quality, non woven wallpaper, at a renowned wallpaper printing studio in Sydney. The wallpaper is delivered to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world.

Browse beautiful patterned wallpapers below.

TINY GIRAFFE-Wallpaper-Wattle-lowres_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 11.10_edited.jpg

Custom Wallpaper Design

Tiny Giraffe-Girls-Bedroom-Wallpaper-floralmix.jpg

Create the wallpaper of your dreams! I can provide options for both matte colour and metallic wallpaper.

Perfect for home, office, beauty salons, day spas, treatment rooms and retail spaces.

What makes Tiny Giraffe wallpapers special ?

I believe in quality and longevity.

That's why my wallpapers are:

  • Hand drawn in crisp line work for an elegant art finish 

  • Made with love, intention and high attention to detail

  • Premium non-woven 350gsm wallpaper

  • Paste-the-wall style for longevity

  • Installed using the double cutting method for precision

  • Printed by a renowned wallpaper printer in Sydney

  • Easy to remove and wipe clean

  • Fire rated and UV resistant

  • Printed using environmentally friendly inks

  • FSC Certified​

  • Perfect for residential or commercial settings.

I believe in sustainability.

I care deeply about the planet we live on, considering it is what inspires my artworks! I source the highest quality materials  and finishes. I have worked hard to source the most sustainable options for printing and packaging and will continue to review options.


My artworks are printed to order - on sustainably sourced premium wallpaper. Each order is made to measure your exact wall dimensions to reduce waste.


I believe in longevity - my wallpapers are designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime, however please know that they are completely removable and recyclable. 

I believe in following your heart.

Great intention and care goes into creating a hand drawn line art piece, in all its beautiful detail and intricacy.


I like to call my art process 'slow art' - a creative meditation. All the best things take time, and when it comes from the heart, you can't go wrong. That's why I listen carefully to you and what is important to you.


Tiny Giraffe artworks are made for special moments.

Everyday moments are worth cherishing.

Milestone moments are worth celebrating.

Remember the magical moments you shared with people you love. Reminisce. Laugh. Cry. Believe in your dreams for the future.

Life is too short and the world is too big to see it all.

Go on adventures to the places you've always dreamed of. Pop that champagne you've been saving. Drink good wine. Enjoy good food. Do that thing your heart has been calling you to do. Definitely do that scary thing your heart longs for. It will be worth the discomfort. 

Trends come and go. Our homes are sacred sanctuaries for you to decorate however you like. Be confident in your decisions - you have great taste. 

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