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Cabin 2 The Ridge

Oak & Orange

Photography and custom artwork

Custom wallpaper design

Private Collector

{i left my heart} in Mosman fine art print

Kirsten Incorvaia

Event brochure

Cardiff Hope House

Airbnb Illustration

Brisbane Florist

Stationery design


This is a selection of some of our most treasured and creative projects, commissioned by our fabulous clients. 

You'll see a wide variety of custom artworks - created into:






Fine art prints

Patterned wallpapers

One-of-a-kind murals

Decals, signage and screening.

Business branding.

All brought together in our distinctive line art style.


Our elegant and detailed line art is often complemented with traditional watercolour and our own photography.

If you have an exciting art and design project in mind, we're here to help you bring it to life, no matter where in the world you are! 


Contact us at hello@tinygiraffe.co to request a portfolio in PDF format with more information.


Kylie + Mr G x

Want to see our art commissions come to life - in real time?

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