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Artful Branding and Product Design

Learn how art and illustration can elevate your business so it stands out from the masses!

Hello, I'm Kylie. Tiny Giraffe is my art and design studio, based in sunny Brisbane Australia.

I help creative business owners to elevate their products, textiles and branding through art and illustration.

Most business owners get a logo, signage and business card, then call it a day. But your stationery, wrapping paper, products, website, brochures are also wonderful touch points with your clients and customers that deserve  attention.


Bespoke, hand drawn or hand painted artworks and illustrations elevate your products and make your business stand out. 

I can help you with all of these things, so your brand aesthetic is consistent, memorable and add-to-cart worthy!

Surface Pattern Design - Wattle Bag

What is Surface Pattern Design?

Just about everything you love to wear or use has a pattern or artwork on it... your favourite skirt, the colourful bag you've dragged to every continent, your keep cup, couch cushions and even the fun umbrella and matching beach chairs you bought for lazy summer beach days last Christmas...

And if you're anything like me, you'll always choose the chocolate or cosmetics with the artful design and pretty packaging!  


This is the magic of surface design. 


Surface pattern design is when you're just talking about patterns, however surface design can include patterns or placement prints/designs. Placement prints are standalone artworks where a repeating pattern is not required. 


Artworks can be printed on everything from stationery and wrapping paper, pillow cases and quilt covers, to swimwear and bags, even architectural products like metal screens and my very favourite - wallpaper.

If you can imagine it, I can create it for you.

Surface Pattern Examples

Below are some examples of patterns I've created (yes, they are available to license).

Access My Art Library

Fallen in love with a pattern above?

Want to see my other designs and purchase new collections first?

Fill in your details below and I'll send you a link to my library of beautiful patterns and placement prints.

Tell me about your brand and how you'd like to use our designs. Do you need assistance with other branding and graphic design too? (I can help!)

Your application is under review - keep an eye on your inbox! :)


Custom Patterns and Designs

Would you love a pattern or placement print made JUST for you?

I would love to work with you to create something special that brings your ideas to life through considered style, themes and colours. What a fun experience!


Over the last 7 years of Tiny Giraffe, I've worked with property developers, graphic designers, florists, life coaches, airbnb owners,  homeware brands, massage therapists, hotels and interior designers. I've helped wonderful clients all the way over in California and London too - no matter where you are or what you're dreaming of, I'll help you create the pattern of your dreams!

My Pattern Design Process

Tiny Giraffe celebrates the spirit of travel and the places we leave our hearts. Maps, buildings, bridges, flowers and hand lettering features heavily in my work.

When I create a pattern, I take my inspiration from my travels (both near and far), even my own backyard. It could be a windswept day at the beach, or my dreamy holiday in Bali circa 2017.


These are the places I left my heart and my dreams for the future.

When I create custom patterns (commissioned by you!) I love to learn about you in our initial briefing meeting. I can't wait to tell your story, so that your artwork is unique to you. You might like to adopt Tiny Giraffe's theme 'the spirit of travel' or something specific and meaningful to your brand and the type of product.

I typically create a moodboard, plus 1-2 concept sketches first, to make sure we're on the same page in terms of colours, objects, scale and theme. 

You choose your favourite concept (or perhaps it's two merged together) and provide any feedback. From there, I'll create the pattern!

You have another opportunity to review the artwork and I refine it so it's perfect for you.

Surface Pattern Designs Australia
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