About Kylie

Artist. Designer. Travel Lover.

Founder of Tiny Giraffe. 

Australian artist Kylie grew up in Toowoomba, lives in Brisbane and calls many places home. She has permanently itchy feet and is always planning the next adventure. 

Kylie started drawing line art in 2010 when she got home from a magical holiday and couldn't find the perfect art print of the city she left her heart in - San Francisco! It took her 25 hours to draw all the streets. It turns out she left her heart everywhere and couldn't stop drawing more cities.

Kylie was working as a Senior Landscape Architect when she launched Tiny Giraffe in 2016. She presented a small selection of hand drawn maps - the {I left my heart} collection - at Sydney's Paddington and Balmain markets.


She slowly grew her portfolio of elegant, line art creations, all inspired by her travels and love of plants. Requests for other wall art solutions led her to create her first wallpaper mural in 2018, and she currently works on custom art projects for a variety of clients.

Kylie's love for colour, elegant and delicate linework and strong attention to detail is reflected in every artwork.


She is a multi-passionate and heart-centred creative, obsessed with art, design, writing and photography. When she's not out exploring, you'll find her practicing yoga, writing poetry and stories, reading, gardening, foraging, hunting down a loose leaf chai latte or escaping to the beach.

Landscape Architect turned Artist.

Bachelor of Built Environment (2004) - QUT

Graduate Diploma of Landscape Architecture (2009) - QUT

Registered Landscape Architect (2011)

Kylie Harber in San Francisco.jpg

About Mr G

Business Advisor. Muse.

Mr G is the spirit behind Tiny Giraffe. 

When Kylie was thinking of a name for her business, it needed to represent the spirit of travel!


Tiny Giraffe was named after Mr. G. 


Mr. G hails from the bustling city of Hong Kong. He used to work in a bar at the airport, until Kylie found him, put him in her pocket and they began their adventures together.

Kylie brought him home as a memento of the holiday, and sat him on her desk. He sits beside her as she creates your precious artworks.


Mr G is the silent cheerleader (with huge personality) behind Kylie's artworks - watching her draw every day. He reminds her of travel, and the passion behind why she started. 


He encourages her to reach for her dreams of building a business and to make a difference in the world. 

You can read Mr G's story here.

*If you hear Kylie say 'us' you'll know she's referring to her and Mr G.