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About Kylie

Hello! I'm Kylie, founder and artist behind Tiny Giraffe. 

I believe in celebrating the spirit of travel and the places we leave our hearts.


I grew up immersed in nature, running around barefoot on acreage near Toowoomba and when I wasn't in my room drawing, I was exploring outdoors. I sailed the Young Endeavour, and I met Prince Phillip after completing my gold Duke of Edinburgh's award! You could say adventure was my destiny.


It was my love of plants and the outdoors that led me to study landscape architecture - the perfect mix of design and science.

But it was a trip to the USA in 2010 that changed my life. I fell head over heels for the city by the bay, San Francisco.


I came home disappointed for two reasons - I didn't have many keepsakes from the city I left my heart in, and my happy snap photos sucked and weren't worth printing for my walls.


I decided to create my own artwork, a hand drawn map of the city. I used my landscape architecture in Adobe Illustrator to draw all the city streets, playing with line weights and colours (like I would a masterplan), and printed it on fine art paper to hang on my wall. 

Around the same time, I started learning how to use a dSLR full frame camera, so I would never miss capturing a beautiful place ever again - 99% of the photos on my website are mine and you can see more of my photography here!

As I travelled, I wanted more cities on my wall and my "I Left My Heart" collection came to life! I launched Tiny Giraffe in 2016 to share my art with the world.

I've been travelling and transforming spaces for 20 years now and it's still my very favourite combination - to combine my observations of the world with my creative vision and artistic talents to bring spaces (and products) to life.

I cannot wait to help you transform your space and hear all about your travels!


Bachelor of Built Environment (2004) - QUT

Graduate Diploma of Landscape Architecture (2009) - QUT

Registered Landscape Architect (2011)

Kylie Harber Artist
San Francisco City Map Print

The Story of Tiny Giraffe 

Tiny Giraffe is an art and design studio based in sunny Brisbane, helping businesses and home owners transform their blank walls  into magical, meaningful spaces where you can be reminded of your happiest moments.


Tiny Giraffe artworks embody the spirit of travel, the places we leave our hearts and our dreams for the future. 


How Tiny Giraffe started and has evolved, from 2016 to now:

In 2010 I travelled to San Francisco and fell head over heels IN LOVE with the city. When I got home, and couldn't find the perfect artwork of the city I left my heart in, I decided to draw it myself - using my skills in Adobe Illustrator. I drew every laneway, road and street in crisp digital linework. 


After completing my San Francisco map I realised I'd love a series of maps for my wall at home. Other cities followed and the "I Left My Heart" collection was born. In 2016 I launched Tiny Giraffe in 2016 as a passion project, to share my hand drawn city maps with the world. I presented my art prints at the Paddington and Balmain markets in Sydney, then Finders Keepers Barangaroo and a pop up shop in West Elm.


One day a client landed in my inbox, asking if I could make my Sydney map larger and I said YES, despite not knowing how to fill the 7m long wall in his office! I landed in the world of wallpaper and the outcome was incredible. Many client requests later, I now work full time in Tiny Giraffe, creating custom designed, large scale wall art for a variety of spaces. 

I also help businesses with their branding too - my artworks and illustrations take a brand from generic to bespoke, and I love to see my artwork used across products, websites AND interiors for a holistic approach.


Each crisp line is drawn by hand, for beautiful, elegant artworks that transform a space or product, and tell your story. I complement my line art with traditional watercolour and digital hand lettering for a unique aesthetic.

Mr G Tiny Giraffe

About Mr G

Business Advisor. Muse.

Mr G is the spirit behind Tiny Giraffe. 

When I was thinking of a name for my business, it needed to represent the spirit of travel!


Tiny Giraffe was named after Mr. G - a tiny yellow swizzlestick that I found in my cocktail, having a celebratory last drink at the end of a fabulous holiday.


Mr. G hails from the bustling city of Hong Kong. He used to work in a bar at the airport, until I found him, put him in my pocket and we began our adventures together.

I brought him home as a memento of the holiday. Since 2012, he has sat beside me as I create your precious artworks.


Mr G is the silent cheerleader (with huge personality) behind my artworks - watching me draw every day. He reminds me of the power of travel and the passion behind why I started. 


He encourages me to reach for my dreams and to make a difference in the world. 

You can read Mr G's story here.

*If you hear me say 'us' you'll know I'm referring to me and Mr G.



Tiny Giraffe

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