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  • Who is the Artist behind Tiny Giraffe?
    Kylie Harber is the artist, designer and founder of Tiny Giraffe. She has 20 years of experience across graphic design, surface design and art. You can read more about her story here. Kylie is also a professional photographer and you can find her work here.
  • How long has Tiny Giraffe been around?
    We've been creating beautiful artworks and wallpapers for clients all over the world since January 2016.
  • Why is your business called Tiny Giraffe?
    Great question! And my favourite one to answer. When I was thinking of a name for my business, I wanted it to represent the spirit of travel (as my first art collection was inspired by a holiday to San Francisco). Tiny Giraffe was named after Mr. G - a tiny yellow giraffe swizzle-stick that I found in my cocktail, having a celebratory last drink at the end of a fabulous holiday. Here's to making memories and displaying them on our walls :)
  • What Wallpaper Do You Use?
    I use premium, non-woven, paste-the-wall wallpaper. It is a sustainably sourced, fire rated product that is perfect for businesses and homes. The wallpaper is a smooth matte finish. It arrives untrimmed and is to be installed with the double cutting method.
  • Can I Order Wallpaper Samples?
    Yes! Please email me with your preferred designs and colours - Each sample is $10 and postage is free in Australia.
  • How Much is Shipping?
    Shipping is free in Australia, included in the price of wallpaper ($79/m2). If you are based outside of Australia, please send your address for a quote.
  • What is Your Returns Policy?
    We don't offer returns or exchanges for change of mind. All sales are final. If your wallpaper is damaged in transit, please take photos and email me within 7 days (of delivery) for a refund or replacement -
  • What Other Wallpaper Finishes Do You Offer?
    All of my pre-designed wallpapers are a beautiful smooth, matte colour finish. I also work with clients on custom wallpaper commissions and they have access to a variety of other finishes including canvas, linen and metallic wallpaper.
  • Do You Offer Metallic Wallpaper?
    Yes! If you see a wallpaper design that you love, or want to commission a custom designed wallpaper, we can work together to create a metallic wallpaper or vinyl that ties in beautifully with your interior selections. I have access to three metallic wallpaper printers - two in Australia, and one in the USA. The two in Australia offer a different result - one is digitally printed (suitable for both patterned wallpaper and wallpaper murals), and one is screen printed (only suitable for patterned wallpaper). It is an expensive finish, but incredible end result. The light reflecting properties will brighten a room, provide a high end 'wow' finish, and give dazzling shine, bringing any room to life.
  • Can I DIY Wallpaper Installation?
    Wallpaper hanging is an art itself, and I would strongly recommend hiring a professional wallpaper installer. In the wise words of Katia (wallpaper hanger), from Up The Wall Art, it would take you 50+ wallpaper projects to get really good at it! If you are determined to give it a go, or have done it before, you are welcome to.
  • Do You Arrange Wallpaper Installation?
    Yes! I pride myself on helping clients from start to finish. I found from personal experience that it can be daunting choosing, ordering and installing wallpaper (especially if it's your first experience) and I want to make your life easier and stress free. It also ensures my wallpaper is expertly installed for quality and longevity. My quotes all include wallpaper installation by a reputable wallpaper hanger in your area - I have sourced all the best ones! If you prefer to arrange this yourself or are based outside of Australia, please let me know.
  • What is a Wallpaper Mural?
    A wallpaper mural fills an entire wall (from floor to ceiling, left to right) with an artwork. It is applied between the skirting (baseboard) and cornice (moulding) onto a gyprock / plasterboard wall. Similar to a painted mural, it looks like one large artwork across the wall and is applied with panels of wallpaper - each wallpaper panel is unique in design, and when hung together it creates the full artwork.
  • Which Wall Looks Best for a Wallpaper Mural?
    That's something we determine together, depending on the look and feel you're after in that room. Sometimes wallpaper murals look best across multiple adjoining walls too. Typically, try to choose a blank wall. Walls with windows, doors, fireplaces or other inclusions are better suited to patterned wallpaper.
  • What is Your Wallpaper Mural Process?
    I have two options for your wallpaper mural - Choose an Existing Design Create a Custom Designed Wallpaper Mural I have existing designs I can recommend for you, and I am currently setting these up in a library to make it easier for you to browse (coming later in 2024). I am well known for my custom designed wallpaper murals, where I work through a 5 step process, handling everything for you from idea to installation: Briefing Meeting Concept Design Artwork Creation Wallpaper Printing Installation
  • How Much Does a Wallpaper Mural Cost?
    My pre-designed wallpaper murals start at $250 per m2 (for printing and installation). My custom designed wallpaper murals are around $500 per m2. For example, a 4m wide x 2.5m high wall will be around $4000. This may decrease or increase based on the complexity of the new artwork. I will do my best to meet your budget where possible. All of my prices include the concept design, artwork creation, wallpaper file setup, printing, shipping and installation (if in Australia). Please enquire via email or book a meeting. Once we have discussed your project, I can provide you a no-obligation quote.
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