Wallpaper Murals

Tiny Giraffe murals are unique, one-of-a-kind artworks that showcase your business values, attract clients, increase foot traffic and promote positive mental health and wellness in the workplace.

Hello, my name is Kylie.

I'm an artist and designer with 18 years of experience, specialising in hand drawn line art for contemporary commercial and residential spaces.

I am based in Brisbane, Australia and have worked with clients across Australia, California and London. I work with clients all over the world to deliver custom wallpaper murals.


As opposed to traditional painted murals, mine are drawn digitally and expertly printed on wallpaper. They are professionally installed by wallpaper installers in your city for a crisp, clean, professional aesthetic. 

 I look forward to working with you.

Client Gallery

Floral Mural
Floral Mural

Hand drawn floral mural featuring wattle, peonies, eucalypt flowers and gumnuts installed in a hallway of a private residence in Morningside, Brisbane. Hand drawn line art by Tiny Giraffe. Installed by Wow Wallpaper Hanging.

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TINY GIRAFFE - Wattle Mural
TINY GIRAFFE - Wattle Mural

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Brisbane City Mural in Milton, Brisbane
Brisbane City Mural in Milton, Brisbane

This mural is 3.4m wide, installed as a kitchen breakout area in an office in Milton. Artwork by Tiny Giraffe. Installed by Wow Wallpaper Hanging.

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Floral Mural
Floral Mural

Hand drawn floral mural featuring wattle, peonies, eucalypt flowers and gumnuts installed in a hallway of a private residence in Morningside, Brisbane. Hand drawn line art by Tiny Giraffe. Installed by Wow Wallpaper Hanging.

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I work closely with a boutique Sydney wallpaper printer that has sourced a durable wallpaper made from 30% recycled materials, 70% renewable cellulose fibres and can be recycled. It is free of lead, heavy-metals, PVC and ozone depleting chemicals.

My line art is hand drawn on the iPad and in Adobe Illustrator. My traditional watercolour paintings are scanned and digitised. The design is issued to you as a PDF prior to printing, and is custom printed to size. This means no wasted paper, and no toxic fumes in the workplace.


Unlike painted murals, you will know EXACTLY what your mural will look like, before it's installed. I offer my clients the opportunity to be involved in the creative process, to review and tweak design elements such as colour and scale. I prepare a high resolution PDF mockup of your space with the artwork shown, indicating precisely how it will look once installed.


The artwork I create for you is exclusive to your business and can be printed again should your business move or secure additional premises, providing you value for money and efficiency.


Invest in your people - they are your business.

We spend up to 35% of our lifetime at work over the course of our lives (approximately 90,000 hours!) and we are mentally, emotionally and physically impacted by our immediate environment every single day.


Your people are the success of your business. Invest in a mural that makes your space more meaningful and enjoyable for staff, and more memorable (and insta-worthy!) for clients and customers. 

Tiny Giraffe murals are priced with three components: art creation, printing and installation. Please enquire for a quote.

I'd love to work with you

Please call +61 421 635 553 for a complimentary discovery call, or email: hello@tinygiraffe.co

Art consultations take place in person (Brisbane only) or over phone/zoom call.

This is your opportunity to ask questions, explore ideas and gain clear direction for your office / shop fitout. My 18 years of experience and knowledge working as a design manager, landscape architect, urban designer and artist will give you a clear direction in achieving the space of your dreams.

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Woohoo! Thank you, it looks amazing! I can't stop people from walking in and looking for the location of their home on the wall. My office is the talk of the building.

George Antoniou, Director

Boutique Residential Pty Ltd, Glebe NSW


Art & Design Process

I am here to make your space beautiful, meaningful and impactful on many people.

I've made the process as easy and stress free.



We dream big together.

We discuss vision, design style, ideas, wall location and size, colours and materials.

We discuss your business / design requirements. I will walk you through my design process and how I work, so we can decide if we are a good fit.

From this, I'll prepare an obligation free quote for your mural.


Concept Design

Upon acceptance of the quote, and payment of initial invoice, I prepare 2 concept options for you in the form of loose sketches. These are based on our initial consultation or a secondary consultation for stakeholder / community engagement.

You will receive a concept design sketch with supporting imagery to help you visualise the end result. You choose your favourite design and I get to work on bringing it to life!


Art Preparation

I prepare the artwork by drawing all of the line work in the piece. You will receive a draft artwork PDF with two (2) opportunities to review the design and any colours. 



Printing & Installation

Following final design tweaks and issue of final artwork, your artwork will go to my suppliers for printing.

The mural will be delivered directly to your site.

I will call to arrange an installation date with you.

Tiny Giraffe wallpaper murals are made up of individual panels, each panel has its own artwork. When you put them together, the mural appears.


It is important to install the wallpaper so that the joins are seamless, and the art on each panel aligns perfectly. For this reason, I will recommend a professional wallpaper installer that I have personally sourced in your area. You can be confident that the mural will last you many years.

Should your business move premises, I can amend the original artwork to your new location at the reduced fee of printing and installation.

Let's collaborate together.

Leave a message and I'll be in touch within 24-48 hours.

Thanks for getting in touch! Speak soon.


Tiny Giraffe specialises in stunning, large scale murals, printed on wallpaper and expertly installed. Each wallpaper panel has a unique design, and the individual panels align to create the mural.

For those creative visionaries who want something other than wallpaper,

I can create high resolution art and illustration for:

  • frosted film (glass doors and walls)

  • vinyl (walls and floors)

  • textiles (soft furnishings)

  • laser cut metal (screening and signage)

  • heat stamped asphalt (roads and pathways)

  • sandblasted concrete (pathways and walls).

Because my files are digitally prepared, I can print onto many materials.

Tiny Giraffe brings contemporary design to commercial

and residential spaces and I love to collaborate with like minded architects, landscape architects, interior designers, business owners and property owners.

Have a unique project in mind ?

Email your ideas to Kylie at hello@tinygiraffe.co

or view my PORTFOLIO for inspiration.