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Custom Wallpaper Murals

Hi! My name is Kylie and I am an Australian artist and wallpaper designer.


I love to create modern, one-of-a-kind murals for bespoke homes and commercial spaces. My murals celebrate the spirit of travel - the places we leave our hearts and our dreams for the future.


Wallpaper-Mural-Flowers-Tiny-Giraffe-AV Jennings-1.jpg

Custom wallpaper murals are my favourite project because I love learning about you and helping you to express yourself, tell your story and create a space that strengthens your relationships with the people you care about most.


Murals make the biggest visual and emotional impact to your home or business. Kids and adults alike love my modern shapes and colours.


For businesses, murals will elevate your client experience, showcase your values, promote culture and increase staff wellbeing.


I work closely with my selected Australian, UK and USA wallpaper printers, chosen for quality and sustainability. My Australian printers have sourced durable wallpaper made from 30% recycled materials, 70% renewable cellulose fibres and can be recycled. It is free of lead, heavy-metals, PVC and ozone depleting chemicals.

My line art is hand drawn on the iPad and in Adobe Illustrator. My watercolours are hand painted, scanned in high resolution and merged with the digital lines. The artwork is issued to you as a PDF prior to printing, and the artwork is both designed and printed to the exact size of your wall/s. This means no stretched images (poor resolution), minimal waste, and no toxic fumes.

Metallic Murals

Many of my clients fall in love with my gold foil fine art prints and have requested metallic wallpapers.  I can confirm that I now have specialty printing suppliers to help me achieve metallic murals in gold, silver and bronze.  I have samples ready to show you!

Printed in the US, using state-of-the-art printing technology, they are a luxury finish to reflect light and bring magic into your space.


Unlike painted murals, you will know EXACTLY what your mural will look like, before it's installed. I offer my clients the opportunity to be involved in the creative process through consultation, and to review and tweak design elements such as colour and scale.


I prepare 2-3 concept designs for you to choose from, and mockup images of your space with the artwork shown, indicating precisely how it will look once installed.


Custom artworks that I create exclusive to your business can be printed again should your business move to a new premises, or to install across multiple locations, providing you value for money and efficiency.


You are investing in a custom artwork that is tailor made to your every desire, printed on premium wallpaper, and installed by expert wallpaper installers. I guide you through the entire process, arranging everything for you from idea to installation.

In order for me to provide you with a quote, please book a free call or send through an email enquiry so we can arrange a time to discuss your custom wallpaper in greater detail.

Let's work together!


Woohoo! Thank you, it looks amazing! I can't stop people from walking in and looking for the location of their home on the wall. My office is the talk of the building.

George Antoniou, Director
Boutique Residential Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia


Invest in your space for a life well lived

We spend so much time at home (even more now thanks to a global pandemic!) and up to 35% of our lifetime at work over the course of our lives (approximately 90,000 hours!).


We are mentally, emotionally and physically impacted by our immediate environment every single day. That's why our spaces matter. 

Invest in a high quality mural that makes your space more meaningful, memorable and brings joy to every day. 

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