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Drawing Daisies - A Fun Pattern Design In The Making

I’ve been making extra time for art in little pockets of the day lately - art just for me… like these beautiful native daisies (Brachyscome) that are one of my all time favourite plants. I gifted some to mum on Mother’s Day. They are cheery little delights! 💜

I took inspiration from this image:

Australian native daisy
Native Australian daisy Brachyscome 'Mauve Delight'

The best part about making art just for me is how inspired I feel and how quickly it flows from me. And then, how naturally it becomes something more tangible.

I've been wanting to develop my wallpaper range for a long time, always wondering and worrying about what others would like to see. Then I thought, I'll design it the way I've designed everything else so far for Tiny Giraffe (my art and design studio) - I will create something I would like first, and hope others do too.

If you are ever feeling stuck on how to create something or start something new, try focusing only on what you love most (colours, textures, objects, places), why it's special and express that in the way that comes naturally to you - the rest will unfold.

And once you've started, things start flowing - before long, you'll be able to think about how it might benefit someone else.

Tiny Giraffe daisy pattern

I'll share soon how this fun sketch on my iPad has transformed into a new wallpaper design that I'm in love with. It has become a beautiful repeat pattern design that would also look gorgeous on products or packaging.

You can view my other botanical wallpaper designs here:

If you'd like to work with me to create a beautiful pattern for your next project, please reach out and say hello to me (Kylie) -

Happy Drawing!


Kylie + Mr G



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