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Free Self Love Guide

For the woman who knows her self worth (and dream life) starts with loving herself.

I created this stunning 14 page e-book PDF filled with resources to support your self love journey and help you navigate the hardest moments.

Compiled over 4 years, this ebook is filled with my favourite recommendations - books, podcasts, guided meditations and other resources that I collected (and still use often!).


Adorned with my artworks and hand lettering, your soul will thank you for collecting this beautiful resource.

FREE Self Love Guide

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I struggled through separation, then divorce, in 2018. It was the worst time of my life. After 12 months of depression and going around in circles, I made the hard decision to leave my husband after 14 years together, to pursue my dream of having a baby - a dream he no longer shared. Leaving my best friend (and the life we'd built together) was the hardest thing I ever did. I struggled through so much heartache and loss, to find alignment with my values and dreams.


I've gone from rock bottom to a beautiful new life in 4 years, all on my own. I moved city, got a new job and found a new partner. In 2021 we bought a home and I went full time into Tiny Giraffe - my art business that fulfils my creative soul. I'm now trying for a baby, but I know my life will be sweet, with or without a cute mini-me.


This Self Love Guide is the curation of my absolute favourite tools, resources and therapists, sourced over 4 years of personal development. These are the tools that helped me most and now I want to help women achieve their dream lives through my knowledge, experience and artworks.

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