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Custom Map Prints

Custom map artworks made on commission

The iconic shape of the Brisbane River is easily recognisable in this memorable Brisbane office mural. Read on below to learn how this project unfolded.

I worked with an interior designer for this office fitout in Milton, who wanted a statement feature wall in the kitchen breakout space to provide a fun environment for staff to interact. Together we settled on using charcoal linework to compliment her other interior selections for a sleek, modern look. The mural looks incredible paired with black accents, warm oak laminate and polished concrete.

My mural is inspired by my I Left My Heart in Brisbane artwork - originally created as a hand drawn digital artwork and printed as a fine art print.


I cropped the artwork to suit the wall proportions, scaled the artwork larger and split it into 5 unique wallpaper panels to create this feature mural. The mural artwork remains as crisp as the original A4 artwork, due to being drawn in Adobe Illustrator. 

At just under 4m wide, the wallpaper mural makes a huge impact in the office, visible from the workspace areas. 

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