Perfect for neutral gender, nature-themed nurseries and creative home studios.

Created for the nature lover who wants something colourful and energetic.

'Wattle' is the perfect yellow patterned wallpaper, hand drawn for your home, office, studio or shop fitout.

This wallpaper was inspired by the Queensland Silver Wattle, Acacia podalyriifolia, photographed in a bush backyard of my friend living in Withcott, Queensland. 


Created in Brisbane by Australian artist, Kylie Harber. Shipping worldwide.

Photography: Kylie Harber with credit to Pexels | Pattern design by Tiny Giraffe 

Get your own Wattle wallpaper, expertly designed and printed by Tiny Giraffe.

About the Wallpaper:

  • 350gsm smooth, matte, high quality wallpaper

  • 'Paste the Wall' method

  • $89/m2 plus shipping

Tiny Giraffe can provide you with:

  • Tweaks to original art if you require different colourways or scale

  • Choosing the right wallpaper type for your space and your wall

  • Wallpaper printing and delivery

  • Recommended wallpaper installers (Australia only)

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