This artwork is hand drawn line art creates an intricate map to celebrate your travels and the places you left your heart. Yes, every crisp line is drawn by hand, by me (Kylie), in Adobe Illustrator!  My watercolours are hand painted, then scanned and inserted into the digital artwork.


A modern artwork that will elevate your home or office, remind you of your happiest travel memories or inspire new adventures to come.


  • Free shipping in Australia - yay!
  • 100% cotton museum grade paper, sustainably sourced
  • 310gsm (heavy, beautiful paper stock)
  • High quality inks
  • Hand trimmed 
  • Made in 'A' series paper sizes so they are easy to frame.
  • Prints are unframed and will arrive flat or rolled dependent on size.



We are a boutique art and design studio and we value sustainability. For this reason, we print to order to reduce wastage. 



Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.



Please note we are experiencing long wait times due to Covid19, with limited flights leaving Australia. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.



As we print to order, we do not accept returns or refunds, except where your artwork is damaged in transit. Please contact within 7 days if this is the case.



Australian customers only.

If you would like a quote to frame and deliver, please email Kylie - - Please specify: artwork name and your preferred colour, size and frame type: white, black or natural oak. If you are unsure what combinations of ink colour and frame look good, I can assist :)



If you would like a different size or colour for your print, please email us your request and we will arrange a quote for you:

Katherine NT

  • Special moments are made in the dusty red centre that is Katherine, NT. This is a magical place where tropical meets outback. And where people meet too - the Jawoyn, Dagoman, and Wardaman people meet here, where their lands converge.


    What's not to love about this Australian town brimming with rocky gorges, thermal springs, stunning waterfalls and ancient culture?


    Made for you, with love,
    by Kylie + Mr G x