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Pally Pub Wallpaper Mural

Location: 59 Bingera St, Pallamallawa NSW

The iconic Pally Pub has come to life following a stunning interior design renovation by Lauren Pearse of RYLO Co. I was excited to help Lauren create a feature wall in this private dining space that celebrates this regional NSW area with a map of local townships and showcases idyllic country life along the Gwydir River.

Photos by RYLO co.

Lauren Pearse, RYLO Co

"It looks amazing! The mural finishes the room perfectly!!!!"

Working with Lauren and Pally Pub was a wonderful experience and the perfect opportunity to combine beautiful interior design with bespoke artwork.


For this custom designed wallpaper project, I created a captivating watercolour landscape that captures the country charm of a 50km radius around Pallamallawa (the name is derived from the Kamilaroi word for "Dry Waterhole")  and is affectionately known as 'Pally' to locals.


Central to the mural is the quaint town of Pally itself, with the Gwydir River flowing from left to right. This hand drawn and hand painted map highlights surrounding key areas: Croppa Creek to the north, Narrabri to the south, Moree to the west, and Warialda to the east. Each township name is hand lettered and represented by delightful vignettes that celebrate local features, such as cows, sheep, wheat, and pecans, adding a touch of regional character and whimsy.

Unlike my typical map murals that are drawn to accurate proportions, this feature wall spans an impressive 10 meters wide, resulting in an out-of-scale yet harmonious representation of the region.


I worked with Lauren closely to understand her client's vision for the mural and her design intent for the space. The mural features lush greens, warm tans and blue tones, seamlessly integrating with the interior selections and Dulux 'Black Water' wall panelling. This colour scheme complements the space and creates a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

The wallpaper mural serves as a vibrant focal point, enriching the commercial space with a sense of place and community pride. By combining the playful watercolour vignettes, the design captures the essence of the local landscape and culture, offering visitors an engaging visual and educational journey through the heart of regional NSW.

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