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How to Choose the Perfect Wallpaper!

Updated: Jan 5

If you are feeling overwhelmed, indecisive or frustrated from comparing wallpaper websites, prices and designs, you are in the right place.

This is my advice in choosing the perfect wallpaper (no matter where in the world you are):

Step 1. Hire Kylie at Tiny Giraffe.

Step 2. Sit back, relax and let me do everything for you (from design to installation).

That was cheeky wasn't it? ;)

My wish for you is to live in a beautiful home that is filled with your favourite things.

I really want to help you get a bespoke design (pattern or mural), at the right scale and proportion, in your favourite colours, perfectly suited to your home, office or shop fitout.

I started Tiny Giraffe because I struggled with finding the right art prints and wallpapers for myself. I couldn't find the artwork that was 'just right' for me. I also wanted something that no one else had (do you also love custom creations?).

Read on below to see how I can help you...

Artwork by Tiny Giraffe

💛 You’re a busy, talented human with home, career and life goals that don’t leave much time for decorating, but you’ve got that *one blank wall* in your home, office, studio or shop that could use some love. It’s not right. It's too bare, or something... you're not entirely sure what should go there. You’d really love to inject some of your own personality or business branding into a space that you spend so much time in.

💛 Your new baby is on the way! (Congratulations!) You want to create a beautiful nursery for you both to spend time in while you’re taking extended leave. A space to relax and enjoy this precious time together. Also, it would be great if the wallpaper could be pretty for adults to look at, not just babies.

💛 Your Miss Six declares she LOVES white unicorns with rainbow manes and you would love to surprise her with a special wallpaper design to create her dream bedroom. (You have yet to find a wallpaper featuring white unicorns with rainbow manes). Or your Mister Four is obsessed with dinosaurs, and you have this idea for a colourful, giant dinosaur mural.


Let's look at the reality of choosing wallpaper from a random website

Trawling through wallpaper websites is time consuming and confusing.

Perhaps you find a design you love but it's not quite right.

The colour isn't quite right.

The scale of the pattern is too large.

Or the colour looks great but the pattern is too large, or too small.

Perhaps you can't find anything you really love. You're not sure what will suit your room, your furniture and accessories.

You might doubt your decisions or think you're not creative enough to pull it together (you are!).

Perhaps it doesn't express you in a way that's meaningful.

Knowing how much to order is an exercise in second-guessing and triple checking.

This wallpaper says it comes in panels.

How many panels might you need?

This one comes in rolls. Oh dear.

How do you know what type of wallpaper you need?

What on earth does paste-the-wall mean?

What is the difference between paste-the-wall vs paste-the-paper?

This one says 'Peel and Stick'... but will it damage your walls?

And then it arrives.

How do you prepare the wall for it?

Is there a technique on how to apply the wallpaper?

Does the pattern line up exactly, or does it need to be overlapped and double cut?

Should you hire an installer?


Wallpaper can be a fun, easy and quick process.

You are welcome to book a discovery call by email: hello@tinygiraffe.co), knowing there is an enthusiastic Australian artist who can't wait to work with you one-on-one to create MAGIC together. Even if you're in the US, UK or another beautiful destination.

Someone who will listen attentively, and ask the right questions.

Someone who cares about you and your lifestyle.

Someone who will encourage you to enjoy and collaborate in the design process (if you want that).

Someone who will create the perfect design for you while you get on with other things.

We will chat about your wild and wonderful dreams for the space.

I assess photos of your room, provide instant design ideas and discuss how I can help.

Depending on the brief I receive from you, my ideas for your space may be something other than repeatable wallpaper (I also provide art prints, decals and murals). I will always be honest about what I think will work best and if my artwork is suitable. If it's not suitable, I can recommend others who can help.

I will provide you with an all inclusive fee to cover everything you've asked for.

It includes concept design, final design, colour consultation, wallpaper printing and shipping. Installation is included too!

It’s that easy.

I look forward to helping you create your perfect wallpaper!

Kylie + Mr G x

Email us to commission your very own bespoke, one-of-a-kind wallpaper or mural: hello@tinygiraffe.co

Or shop our pre-designed wallpapers here.

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