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Custom Designed Metallic Wallpaper

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

A few months ago, a lovely lady named Kelly landed in my inbox, wondering if I could create a custom mural for her home.

She had recently invested in a beautiful new blue velvet lounge (it is stunning!) that was crying out for a feature wall to complement it.

When I visited Kelly and her partner to discuss the art direction of the mural, the street address felt familiar. De ja vu?

And it became obvious why - when we sat down to chat, they proudly presented their much-loved I Left My Heart in Brisbane Gold Foil artwork, purchased at a Finders Keeper's market. I was chuffed to see it in their home and instantly remembered the custom frame I had made for them and dropping it to their house 3 years earlier. How special!

"Can we get a city map mural in gold foil like our artwork?" they asked.

And in the month prior, I had two other clients ask for the same thing. I said I would look into it for them.

And now, nearly three months later - I'm proud-as-punch to announce that, YES - YOU CAN!

Custom Metallic Gold Wallpaper

Metallic gold wallpaper with white ink - Tiny Giraffe 'Eucalyptus' Design

I've learnt A LOT in the process. It took 6 weeks of in-depth research to make it happen - countless phone-calls and emails to printers and signage companies all over Australia, the UK and the USA. Plus an extra 6 weeks to get samples created, printed and shipped! I heard so many "no's" I nearly gave up (and deal with some extremely rude suppliers I will never ever work with!), but I was determined to make this a reality.

My samples are here, and I am SO EXCITED to offer this service to you. As far as I know, I am the only artist and designer in Australia offering a custom design service featuring metallic wallpaper, and shipping worldwide.

Where Do I Use Metallic Wallpapers?

Metallic wallpaper is a bespoke, high end product, created for luxurious interiors. It makes stunning feature walls - perfect for modern homes. Make a statement in your favourite room - bedroom, office or powder room - and pair it with similar metal finishes in furniture and hardware.

In commercial spaces, I recommend using it in creative agencies and modern offices, boutique hotels, fine dining restaurants, beauty salons, day spas and artisan retail stores.

If you run a business, your physical space is the 'face' of your brand (and sometimes the first point of contact!). Murals brings joy to clients and attracts new ones. A bespoke fit-out differentiates you from the competition, improves morale, promotes positive culture and wellbeing, increases joy and allows you to command higher prices.

Why Use Custom Designed Metallic Wallpaper?

Custom art means never having to compromise - you get exactly what your heart desires! It is the most authentic way to express yourself, to create a beautiful space that you love spending time in and can't wait to see every day.

I specialise in line art that celebrates the spirit of travel and the places we leave our hearts. What special story or place is on your heart? While the majority of my murals are maps of favourite cities, I also love to draw the details that make a place special - buildings, plants, flowers and animals. As an Australian, and with a background in landscape architecture, I love to draw Australian native plants and flowers. Why not create something that gives context and honour to this beautiful country?

My artworks are drawn by hand, every single line drawn in Adobe Illustrator - using either my iPad or Macbook Pro. It allows me to create stunning line art with crisp shapes, without losing quality at a large scale.

Custom Designed Metallic Wallpaper

Colour Options For Custom Metallic Wallpaper

Colour options (and print techniques) vary depending on if you prefer a repeat pattern wallpaper, or a wallpaper mural.

For repeat patterned wallpaper - gold, silver, bronze and rose gold wallpaper. Inks can be matte colours, pearl or metallic.

For wallpaper murals - gold, silver and bronze metallic wallpapers. Inks are matte colours.

Lead Time + Shipping to Australia, USA and the UK

Please note custom metallic wallpapers can take 6-8 weeks to be printed and delivered (once your artwork is finalised). I will always keep you up-to-date during the process. The lead time is worth it for such a beautiful, bespoke outcome that you won't see anywhere else.

I work with clients all over the world - mostly Australia, USA and the UK. I will do my best to ship to you, wherever you are, so please don't hesitate to enquire and I will provide a quote.

Professional Installation of Wallpaper

I have 19 years of design experience, and have seen many projects through from idea to installation. You'll be guided through the whole process, in a stress-free way.

My murals are created with a unique design on each panel of wallpaper, joining to create the whole artwork. I recommend using an experienced wallpaper installer to assist you, to ensure the line work aligns as seamlessly as possible.

I have a list of preferred wallpaper installers, so I will provide this list to you (or if you are in Australia, arrange for you).

Ready to Commission Your Own Custom Metallic Wallpaper?

To get started, please email me (Kylie) your request. I will arrange a site visit or zoom meeting to discuss with you in more detail before I provide you with a quote.

I can't wait to help you create the space of your dreams!

Forward this blog post to a friend who is renovating, or a business owner you know who would LOVE this offering!

Yours in Unique Interiors,

Love, Kylie + Mr G x


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