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Pattern Design

Tiny Giraffe

Hi, I'm Kylie, and I'm obsessed with travel!


When I'm not busy creating beautiful maps (or travelling), I'm creating nature and plant based patterns -  you can hire me to create a custom pattern for your products, textiles or branding.

If you are the owner of a business specialising in travel themed products or your products feature plant based ingredients, I am the pattern designer for you.


I work exclusively on custom patterns, tailored to your every desire. Would you love to experience the creative and joy-filled collaboration of working with an artist and designer to create a repeat pattern (or placement print) that is exclusive to your business, to make your product shine? 

Do you dream of working with a creative person who shares your love of travel and plants, and shares your values for sustainability, high quality and attention to detail?


Yes? We're a perfect match! Email me to get started.

Commission a Custom Pattern

Here's how to

I would love to help you bring a custom pattern to life.


One that only you have dreamt of.

One that sets your products apart.

One that tells your story.

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The Details:

       $1500 for exclusive patterns (license term: forever)

       50% deposit to start our project together, with the remaining due upon pattern completion (prior to files being issued)

       10% discount (off all patterns) if you request more than 1 pattern at the time of engagement

The Deliverables:

       Your very own seamless repeat pattern or placement print, created with love, care and attention to detail

       The right file you need to give to your printer 

       Two design revisions are allowed for - one at concept, one after the design is drawn

       Up to two colour variations of the same design included