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Line Art Prints of Women and Empowering Quotes

My 'She is' collection of fine art prints will support your self love journey and are the perfect way to celebrate the most important women in your life!

Handwritten affirmations and hand drawn line art of women and flowers - created just for you... the kind, compassionate, wild warrior woman who knows her worth and her inner strength (or is finding more of it every day).

My wish for you is that these artworks will support you to create positive change in your life, every day. You have everything within you to achieve this. 

These artworks were inspired by reading the book 'Women Who Run with the Wolves', by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Have you read it? I read this book during a dark time in my life - navigating the heartbreak of separation and divorce. I read the book, wrote in my journal a lot, and these  artworks poured from my heart.

If you would like a custom piece, contact Kylie to commission an artwork:

These artworks will support you in your self love and acceptance journey - to make positive change in your life every day.


If you are love my style and are looking for larger artworks in your home or business, consider a custom wallpaper or mural.

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